Brain magnesium…. magic bullet for Alzheimer’s?

This is an incredibly detailed study showing that magnesium supplements (in a form that crosses the blood/brain barrier) can reverse both cognitive and molecular problems that occur in a mouse-model of Alzheimer’s [cite source=’pubmed’]23658180[/cite]. Couple this to the lab’s previous findings that the same Mg supplement a) enhances the memory of young rats, b) prevents age-related declines in normal adult rats, and c) drastically increases synaptic density in hippocampal cultures and you’ve got some pretty good buzz for Mg. Unfortunately, eating a banana is unlikely to work due to tight blood-level regulation by the liver and even tighter regulation by the blood-brain barrier. This is an exceptionally detailed and expansive work. To be honest, it’s the type of thing you expect in Neuron or Cell; what’s it doing in J Neurosci?