Summer 2023 – SlugLab in action

Summer has blown by, and we’re already down to the last 3 weeks in the lab. That’s a bit sad, because it’s been a fantastic research season — but it also feels good to see how far our junior scientists have come and how much cool data we’ve been able to collect this summer.

Dominican’s photographer, Ryan Pagelow, stopped by this week, and took some photos of the lab. Here is our group photo, and below is a full album of action shots.

Sitting down: Anna Kurkowski, Dr. C-J, Theresa Wilsterman, Elise Gamino, Jash Zarate Torres, and Zayra Juarez. Standing up: Dr. Bob, Bryam Gonzalez Delgadillo, Leslie Valdez, Nelly Musajeva and Diana Wittrock. Photo by Ryan Pagelow.