Hippocampal codes, hippocampal function

Added an excellent article preview by Howard Eichenbaum [cite source=’pubmed’]23522037[/cite]. The piece is ostensibly about the finding of spatial-replays in the hippocampus at choice points in a W-maze, and how replays seem to occur for multiple remembered paths, with replays of the correct path predictive of success on the task. More than this, however, Eichenbaum pulls together a range of recent findings to synthesize two traditions of hippocampus research: spatial navigation (O’Keefe & Nadel, hippocampus as a cognitive map) and memory (Squire and Zola-Morgan–hippocampus as a memory processing center). This synthesis depends critically on the ongoing work of Georg Buzsaki, which is conveniently summarized (in part) in an accompanying perspective [cite source=’pubmed’]23522038[/cite] on the theta-gamma neural code (which, I must admit, I still don’t fully understand). Anyways, I can remember reading Eichenbaum’s work as an undergrad which was already drawing parallels between navigation and declarative memory (with a clever olfactory memory paradigm, if I recall correctly)–this paper is an excellent overview of an emerging and unified view of what exactly the hippocampus might be doing.

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