June Neuroscience Roundup

Hampson et al. (2012) – a paper that had slipped by me from last year in which the Deadwyler lab shows that their MIMO neural prosthesis can improve performance in primates, not just rats [cite source=’pubmed’]22976769[/cite]. Brave new world.

Kilner (2013) with a short, readable explanation of how MEG and EEG analysis can also be biased by selecting regions for anlaysis based on group differences (similar to the voodoo correlations paper for fMRI and PET). [cite source=’pubmed’]23639379[/cite]

Calrson (2013) with hearbreaking data and commentary about the rise of antipsycholtic medication for treating ADHD [cite source=’pubmed’]23607407[/cite]. Compelling argument that these drugs are being used to compensate for a decrease in the duration and quality of inpatient care, but that this is a poor substitute. Also points out that rage outbursts, though the most prominent clinical symptom for which children are admitted for psychiatric inpatient care, is not well categorized in the DSM nor well researched as a specific symptom on its own.

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