Sluglab at SFN 2023

The Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience is a dizzying conference — it is a multi-day science extravaganza attended by over 30,000 people. The main meeting has a talks on the latest and greatest in neuroscience, an endless series of poster sessions, and a huge exhibitors section where you can check out the newest in techniques. In addition, there are many sattelite meetings and socials. The Faculty for Undergraudate Neuroscience puts on a lot of great events: an undergraduate poster session, a social, and usually a teaching of neuroscience workshop as well.

Although the neuroscience meeting is overhwhelming (it’s a bit like the Total Perspective Machine that Douglas Adams imagined for The Hitchhiker’s Guide), we really missed being able to attend the conference during the covid years.

This year (2023), the sluglab got to return to the Society for Neuroscience conference in style. We presented 2 posters at the Molecular and Celluar Cognition Sattelite Meeting, 2 posters at the undergraduate poster session, and 1 poster on the main foor! All in all, that involved 7 students from the slug lab, all of whom got to travel to D.C. and drink from the science firehose that is SFN.

Here’s Theresa and Elise getting a bright idea while presenting their posters at the Mollecular and Cellular Cognition meeting.

Here is Jash presenting at the undergrad session:

And Anna:

Andd Zayra:

And Leslie:

And Bryan:

So proud of the sluglab; it was a fantastic conference and they kicked a**.

Here is the whole gallery:

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